New Brighton MN Fire Damage Restoration

New Brighton MN Fire Damage Restoration: 30 Years of Experience!

Anytime Restoration has been New Brighton, MN’s leading fire restoration service provider for over thirty years. Fires can cause significant damage rapidly, severely affecting your property and requiring prompt intervention from a restoration company. The combination of fire, smoke, and water damage from extinguishing efforts requires prompt and effective restoration.

Our dedicated team of trained technicians at Anytime Restoration understands the critical nature of these situations. We specialize in securing your property, cleaning up the aftermath, and working with your insurance adjuster to restore your home to its pre-fire condition. We operate 24/7, prioritizing your safety and ensuring a quick response whenever needed.

If your home in New Brighton suffers fire damage, contact Anytime Restoration for immediate assistance around the clock, including comprehensive smoke damage cleanup. Our skilled technicians in New Brighton are committed to delivering efficient and reliable services, providing peace of mind during challenging times of fire and water damage.

Skilled MN Fire Damage Restoration Technicians

Timely restoration after a fire is essential for a complete recovery, necessitating professional water damage restoration if extinguishing efforts are involved. The first 24 to 48 hours are crucial, and our highly trained, IICRC-certified experts are available 24/7 to assist you throughout the process. We emphasize repairing damages quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth return to normalcy. Our thorough process includes fire and water damage restoration, emphasizing rapid and comprehensive recovery:

– Securing your property by boarding up openings
– Drying water-damaged areas
– Soot removal as part of our smoke damage cleanup services
– Odor control and smoke damage mitigation
– Content Restoration
– Direct billing to insurance

Comprehensive Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Process

We aim to restore your home or business to its original state, addressing the damage’s cause and extent. Our skilled restoration team handles roofing, framing, drywall, siding, flooring, and painting, ensuring your satisfaction with Anytime Restoration. Here’s an outline of our restoration process:


After authorities deem the property safe, our specialists conduct a thorough damage assessment, checking for structural issues and determining the immediate next steps in the fire and water damage cleanup.


Swift drying is crucial to prevent mold growth if water is used to extinguish the fire. It is an essential part of our water damage restoration process, which we start promptly to protect your home.


This phase involves meticulously cleaning surfaces to remove soot and smoke residues, ensuring comprehensive damage cleanup. We then deodorize your home, eliminating lingering smoke odors and providing thorough smoke damage cleanup. During our smoke and water damage cleanup, air ducts are cleaned to remove soot and debris.


Once your home or business is clean, we begin the reconstruction process, repairing and rebuilding damaged areas with care and precision to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. Anytime Restoration offers comprehensive fire restoration services in New Brighton that you can trust.


Don’t let fire damage threaten the safety and integrity of your property. When a fire or water disaster strikes, rely on the experts at Anytime Restoration of New Brighton. Contact us today for prompt, efficient, and comprehensive fire damage restoration services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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