Sewage And Back Water Mitigation And Cleanup

Sewage Sanitation

Any type of water from sewage backups should be considered hazardous to general health and wellbeing until evaluated by a professional. This water has the potential to be severely unsanitary and may contain bacterial growth and viruses that cause serious illness, disease and death. Special training and professional grade equipment is necessary to thoroughly and safely clean this type of contamination.

There are three major types of contaminated water. We at Anytime Restoration will swiftly and accurately determine the quality of water and devise a plan for restoration to the property thereafter.

There are three major types of contaminated water:

“Clean Water”

This water is from a clean source. Broken, clean water supply lines or faucets source this quality water. However, if left untreated, clean water can deteriorate into gray or eventually black water depending on the environment. Such factors as time, temperature, and contact with contaminants can expedite this degradation.

Water from a sanitary source like a broken main water line.

If left unaddressed, can swiftly degrade into gray, or eventually black water.

“Gray Water”

This water contains significant levels of contamination and bacterial growth that can cause mild to severe illness if one were to encounter it. Sources for gray water may include laundry machine overflow; toilet overflow with urine contamination, but no fecal matter; or dishwasher overflows.

May contain bacterial growth and/or transferable viruses.

This water can also rapidly degrade into black water if left untreated.

“Black Water”

This water is severely unsanitary. This water is known to spread disease and cause severe illness or death if ingested. Any contact with this water must be avoided at all costs. Sources of Black Water can include flooding from rivers or streams, water backed up from beyond toilet traps, water from the toilet bowl with feces, or standing water that supports microbial growth.

This water contains raw or untreated sewage, harsh chemicals, and microbial growth.

This water may also be sourced from flooding rivers or sewer backup.

Emergency Evaluation

Sewage backup should always be considered an emergency. These unfortunate situations must be dealt with immediately to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved. We, at Anytime Restoration, are certified contamination restoration specialists with expert training to safely and thoroughly restore your property.