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Recent water damage from flooding in Minnesota during 2024 has significantly impacted various regions, particularly in southern Minnesota. The flooding, caused by heavy rainfall, has led to rising water levels in several rivers, resulting in extensive property damage and disruption of entire communities. Water damage from flooding in MN is a serious problem, read on to learn more. 


Le Sueur County is among the hardest-hit areas. The city experienced substantial flooding, with water damage affecting many homes and businesses. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith toured the flood damage, emphasizing the community’s efforts in sandbagging and water removal from basements. Flooding in Waterville has been severe, prompting an evacuation and significant cleanup efforts.


Located along the Minnesota River, Carver has also faced significant challenges. The river’s water levels have risen dramatically, reaching near-record levels. Carver’s historic downtown, protected by an old levee, saw high water threatening its structural integrity. City officials are seeking $13 million in federal funds to upgrade the levee, which has been crucial in mitigating more severe damage.


The Cannon River rose above the major flood stage, causing widespread flooding in residential and commercial areas in Northfield. The river levels crested above major flood stages, leading to significant water damage. The high water levels have left behind sediment and debris, complicating cleanup efforts as the water recedes.


Mankato and its surrounding areas have also been severely affected. Flash floods caused significant damage, flooding streets and basements and leading to the declaration of a local emergency. This measure will help the city access state and federal disaster funds for mitigation and recovery efforts. Mankato, located near the Blue Earth River, saw water levels rise significantly, impacting local infrastructure and leading to substantial cleanup operations.

Other Affected Communities

Communities along the St. Croix River, including Stillwater and Bayport, have also experienced rising water levels. Residents have been proactive in their flood preparations, building dikes and clearing out vulnerable areas in anticipation of further flooding. The city of Stillwater built a dike along part of the river to keep floodwaters at bay.

The Rapidan Dam near Mankato faced critical challenges as water levels in the Blue Earth River rose above 18 feet, overtopping the dam and causing significant downstream flooding. This event has underscored the importance of the National Inventory of Dams in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in such infrastructure across Minnesota.

Governor Tim Walz called the Minnesota National Guard to assist with evacuations and flood management, particularly in southern Minnesota’s most severely affected regions. The governor also emphasized the role of the Minnesota Department of Emergency Management in coordinating the state’s response to this severe weather event.

Anytime Restoration – Experts on Water Damage from Flooding in Minnesota

As communities across Minnesota continue to deal with the aftermath of the flooding, efforts are focused on mitigation and recovery. The extensive damage caused by water will require substantial cleanup and rebuilding, with local, state, and federal agencies working together to support the affected areas. The risk of severe weather and the potential for future flooding highlight the need for improved infrastructure and proactive flood management strategies. Water damage from flooding in MN can be dangerous, and lead to potential mold or mildew problems. 

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