Why Should Water Damage Be Handled Immediately?

Water damage occurs more frequently in Apple Valley homes than you might initially think. Water damage is most commonly associated with leaking or ruptured pipes as well as floods from major weather events. However, water damage can also occur from a broken appliance, a leaking roof and even heavy snowmelt combined with a poor landscaping design can result in water damage to your home. Such issues can affect both the interior and exterior of your home, and your basement, first floor and even second floor may be affected in some cases. As soon as you identify the presence of water in your home, you need to make plans for water damage repair Apple Valley MN.

The Importance of Containing and Removing the Water

With some of the causes of water damage in the home, additional water may continue to flow into the home until you take steps to stop it. For example, with a leaking pipe, water may flow freely into your home until you shut off the main water supply valve. Depending on the cause of your water damage, you need to find an appropriate way to contain the water as a first step. After all, it may take several hours for repair and remediation specialists to arrive. In that time, you do not want even more water to flow into your home and to add to the problem. Your next step should be to schedule water damage repair Apply Valley MN with a reliable water extraction and restoration company. This company will typically arrive promptly and begin extracting the water to dry out the home as a first step.

Making Home Repairs

Your water extraction and repair company typically will remove the standing water, dry out the home and repair any damages caused by the water. However, most companies will not address the cause of the leak. For example, if your appliance was the cause of the leak, you will need to call a separate appliance repair specialist for assistance with this step in the process. Some water repair companies will, however, assist with patching a roof, grading landscaping away from a home to prevent future leaks and more. You can discuss the need for additional repair services with your water damage repair company. Typically, you should schedule this repair service as soon as possible rather than wait for the entire restoration of your home to be completed.

Restoration Services for Your Home

Standing water can typically be removed from a home within a few hours or less, depending on how deep the water is. The drying out process uses dehumidifiers and may take several days to complete. After these steps are done, the water damage repair company can repair the water damage. This may include replacing flooring, cabinets, drywall and more. Some items may also be salvaged, and your repair team may professionally clean or refinish these items to improve the beauty and condition of your home. Depending on the scope of the project, such efforts may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or longer. The end result of restoration services is that you will not be able to tell the home was ever damaged by a flood or water event.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may pay for a portion of costs for water damage repair Apple Valley, MN, and you can review your policy coverage in detail with your agent. The best water damage repair company to work with will work directly with your agent during the claims process to decrease your stress level throughout the process. With the efforts all involved, you can enjoy a streamlined repair process with the end result of a beautiful home.

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