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Water Damage

At Anytime Restoration we are ready to handle any and all water damage problems that may impact your home or business. Water is one of the most destructive elements you can face, and left unattended, or improperly treated, you can end up with major structural damage and considerable repair bills. These problems should be addressed with Apple Valley water damage restoration services as soon as they occur; only then can you be assured of no further problems in the weeks and months to follow.

Whether the job is small, like a leaking pipe in the bathroom, or large, like a major spill due to localized flooding, the end goal of every restoration job is essentially the same…to remove the excess water and dry out the affected area. Our Apple Valley water damage restoration is multi-tiered, with a number of steps to be taken in a certain order. These must be done correctly and in the proper sequence in order to make sure the work is effective in repairing the water damage and preventing long term problems such as mold.

We are able to handle the entire process, start to finish, from the initial water extraction and removal, carpet cleaning and mold remediation, all the way to final repair and restoration designed to return your property to its pre loss condition.

Water causes a great deal of damage almost immediately, and if not promptly treated, can pave the way for even more problems down the road. These problems include mold and mildew, not to mention the continued rotting of wood and rusting of metal, both of which are perfectly capable of undoing the structural integrity of your home. What we are saying is that, if you have water damage, the clock is ticking, and you need to act now to avoid more costly problems later on.

Anytime Restoration has more than three decades serving the Twin Cities area with top flight Apple Valley water damage restoration services, and our 24/7 availability coupled with same day emergency service in most cases means we can have a technician onsite within the hour of your initial call, ready to assess your restoration needs and begin the water removal process. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction every step of the way.

It is also important to understand that any successful water restoration project goes beyond just removing the water and drying everything out. The source of the water problem must be identified, located, and repaired. The source of the problem must be dealt with thoroughly and efficiently to ensure a successful result.

Finally, when it comes to your home, we do ALL the work. No subcontracting out to the lowest bidder. Your home is far too valuable to entrust to shady providers or fly by night operators. We are trained, certified, and experienced in all areas of the water damage restoration industry, and we can handle your water damage needs from A-Z, back to front, start to finish, allowing you some much needed accountability and peace of mind.

Anytime Restoration also believes in first rate customer service. You have questions, and we have answers. Call any time during your Apple Valley water damage restoration project, and we will do our best to keep you up to date and informed. You will know what we are doing in and around your property, as well as be aware of the time frame involved. You want your life back, and we are there to make it happen for you!

Anytime Restoration is the go to authority on all things related to water and mold damage repair in Apple Valley and the Twin Cities area. As the name implies, we are ready and available to handle all of your repair and restoration needs, large or small, 24/7/365. We use the latest restoration tools and techniques to handle even the most complex water, mold, and biohazard problems, and we can do so for both residential and commercial applications. With decades of combined experience at our disposal, we will see your particular needs through to completion and make sure your recovery is quick and efficient, with prompt, courteous service. We handle all issues related to homeowners insurance coverage and all of our work is guaranteed. Anywhere in the Minneapolis MN area, we are ready and waiting to go to work for your family. Call us today at (952) 345-4444 for a free estimate.

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"We had major flooding last winter during the infamous “polar vortex.” Obviously, we were horrified at the prospect of being displaced in the dead of winter. Anytime Restoration came to our rescue and fixed the problem expediently. Awesome work!"

Jennifer Spencer