The First Steps After You Experience Water Damage

Water may be essential for life, but it can also be one of the most damaging elements that you contend with as a homeowner. Water is typically properly contained in a home through the plumbing system, and external water is managed through the roof, gutters and other exterior features. However, issues such as major storm damage and flooding, broken appliances, roof leaks, pipe issues and more can all result in water streaming throughout your home. This type of issue can result in serious water damage in Burnsville, MN. Understanding how to properly react to this type of issue can help you to keep repair issues to a minimum while also hastening the repair process for fast, effective results. If you are currently overwhelmed with an inundation of water in your home, put these tips to action for the best results.

Identify and Stop the Flow of Water

The first step to take when you have discovered water damage in Burnsville, MN in your home is to identify where the water is coming from and to stop the flow of additional water into your space. The last thing you want is for water levels to continue to rise while you try to figure out who to call for help. For example, if your water-based appliance is leaking water, turn the appliance off and shut off its water supply line. If you have a leaking pipe, shut off the water supply valve. If your roof is leaking, place a bucket under the leak to collect the water. Try to move furnishings and other belongings out of the way if possible. These initial steps typically only take a few minutes to complete and are crucial to preventing further damage to your home.

Schedule Water Extraction and Remediation Services

Immediately after you have taken steps to stop the flow of water and to protect additional items from damage, contact a water extraction and remediation service provider. This is a company that will expertly use proven water extraction techniques to remove all traces of standing water in the most efficient manner possible. Dehumidifying techniques will also be used to remove moisture from the air. Both standing water and moisture in the area can result in property damage as well as mold growth, and it is critical to address these issues as soon as possible. Because of this, the best service provider to contact is one who will respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry. Some may be at your home and extracting the standing water within less than an hour or two.

Repair the Damaged Feature

Your extraction and remediation company will also assist with the restoration of your home so that its condition is fully returned to normal and property values are not negatively affected. However, there is still the matter of the damaged feature to contend with, such as the leaky pipe, roof or other feature. Your extraction and remediation company typically will not repair these issues, so you will need to contact a third party to make the repair. Because you may not be able to use the feature again until the repair has been made, it may be critical that you schedule the repair service while the water extraction efforts are underway.

Many homeowners may feel stressed out at the sight of water flowing throughout their home, and in their moment of stress, they may not know how to react to the situation in the best way. With the time and money required to repair the property, this stress is understandable. However, you can keep costs to a minimum and can achieve the fastest results when you put these tips to use.

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