Common Causes of Water Damage in Burnsville MN

Water damage describes the losses caused by water invading areas where it can attack materials or systems. The result of the damage includes the development of mold, rotting of wood materials, rusting of steel, delamination of materials like plywood among others. The damage can be gradual and minor like water spots that can eventually damage or it can be rapid and catastrophic like flooding.

Causes of Water Damage

  1. Burst or leaking pipes – One of the causes of damage caused by water is burst or leaking pipes. Blocked toilets and drains can cause undue pressure in the pipe, causing it to leak or even burst. Garbage is a common blockage that causes pipes to block and eventually burst. Another reason for pipes to burst or leak is a wrong acidity of the water passing through it. Sometimes it can simply be due to old, rusty pipes or a tap not being properly turned off.

  2. Plumbing problems – Some plumbing problems occur within walls and are difficult to detect, most of them happening as a result of hoses or pipe joints not being fully attached. It is, therefore, prudent to inspect your plumbing system at least once a year to help avoid any plumbing problems.

  3. Faulty household appliances – As appliances become old, their hose pipes weaken, and their pipes begin to rust and crack. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwasher and water heaters are common causes of damage caused by water in the house. It is, therefore, best that a homeowner checks these appliances regularly for leaks and address any problems.

  4. Weather-related problems and natural calamities – natural disasters like heavy rains, storms, and flooding can cause water destruction in homes. This occurs when rain or water enters under doors, through window frames, tree branches damage the roof causing it to leak or flying debris causing smashed windows. While there is no way to protect yourself from natural occurrences, you can follow conventional storm preparation processes outlined by the local authorities. Also, you can use the services of a water restoration company after the calamity to help mitigate the damage.

Water Damage Coverage

Insurance for damage caused by water is a fundamental part of home insurance. However, this covers the effects of the damage and not the source of the problem. Homeowners should note that an insurance policy may or may not cover the costs incurred in the loss or the restoration process. For instance, a common cause of residential water damage Burnsville MN is the failure of a sump pump. But, the majority of homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the costs associated with a sump pump failure.

Most policies cover sudden damage like that caused by a severe storm or from an overflowing appliance. Any damaged caused by poor property maintenance or gradual leaks that cause damage by water may be excluded in the insurance policy. You should, therefore, check your insurance coverage and familiarize yourself with any exclusion to your damage coverage.

It is recommended that you call your insurance firm immediately you discover water damage Burnsville MN. This way, your insurance agent can start the claims process right away and also guide you through the steps needed to protect your property from further damage.

Hiring A Water Restoration Company Like Anytime Restoration.

Anytime Restoration will assess the category of water and promptly dry and clean your property. Additionally, these companies have advanced water extraction units, moisture readers, dehumidifiers and air mover to restore your property efficiently. Therefore, when experiencing water damage Burnsville MN, be sure to call a professional to handle the situation immediately. Call Anytime Restoration today at (952) 345-4444 for a FREE estimate and 24/7 Service.

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