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When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, few things really make it pop quite like new siding. Run down, worn out siding is an eyesore, and chances are, by the time it has reached this point, it is no longer doing what you need it to do when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. The good news is that you can replace the old siding with new materials that are more to your liking, both in choice of colors and materials. If you are planning to sell your home, new siding is one of the most highly recommended methods for increasing the value and securing a solid offer. As a leading Apple Valley siding company, Anytime Restoration can help homeowners across Minnesota find the right option and provide reliable installation or replacement.

At Anytime Restoration, we offer three decades of experience in quality siding replacement and installation. Our Apple Valley siding company's technicians understand your desire to preserve the aesthetic quality of your Minnesota home, and they know exactly what to recommend and how to apply it to ensure years of reliable protection and visual beauty.

The truth is that siding, while preferable to continuous repainting, does diminish over time, eventually looking ragged and worn, appearing outdated alongside homes with newer siding finishes, reducing the resale value in an already depressed housing market, and causing your home to suffer with respect to energy efficiency which is one of the main benefits of components such as siding, windows, etc.

Some people think that simply repainting every few years is the solution, however, inferior paint grades can cause more problems than they solve, such as allowing moisture to leak into the home, as well as increasing the risk of structural decay. Quality siding installation or replacement eliminates these problems, and can be done for roughly the same cost as one repainting job.

Anytime Restoration is an Apple Valley siding company that provides free, no obligation estimates, with one of our experienced staff examining your siding needs and developing an effective, affordable installation or replacement plan. Our service providers will then complete the project in a professional, timely, and courteous manner.

In days gone by, aluminum or wood siding were your only choices. Today, you have the benefit of being able to choose from wood, vinyl, composite, and cedar impressions, all of which bring different and unique benefits with Apple Valley siding installation or replacement. Wood siding provides a very natural look, and is usually inexpensive. Vinyl is probably the most used and is low cost both for installation and maintenance. Composite siding is available in different materials and is ideal for customized siding jobs. Cedar impressions are molded from real wood cedar shingles and provide the look of a natural wood shingle without the usual maintenance.

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"We had major flooding last winter during the infamous “polar vortex.” Obviously, we were horrified at the prospect of being displaced in the dead of winter. Anytime Restoration came to our rescue and fixed the problem expediently. Awesome work!"

Jennifer Spencer